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The ecosystem pond that Texas Ponds and Water Features installs in our water features was developed by a team of professional pond builders and has been used in hundreds of thousands of water features all over the country since then.  The system was originated and has been perfected over the years, not by writers of water gardening books, but by people who actually design and build ponds for a living.  When a system doesn't work right, we are the guys that have to come out and fix it and learn from the mistake.  Our crews have been building ponds this way for over ten years and have learned a lot in that time through our own experience than we could in any book about what works and what doesn't in Texas.  Most authors of water gardening books and magazines are sincere, love what they do, and speak from their knowledge base.  However, the trouble with much of their literature is that they don't build and maintain water gardens for a living.  That's the main reason there is so much conflicting information on pond building out there.  They write from their knowledge base and experience and we build ponds from ours.  It's frustrating when people who don't build ponds try to educate the public on how to do it.  Keep in mind that Aquascape is the only manufacturer of ponding components that actually operates a full-time installation division.  Nothing gets installed for my customers that hasn't been designed, extensively field tested, and approved by these guys first.  We can talk the talk because we walk the walk!
To set the historical stage, equipment manufacturers (and thereby their customers) in the Water Gardening industry have evolved from two primary sources....1)The water filtration industry (waste water treatment)....and 2)The swimming pool design/chemical sterilization orientation.  The water filtration people (comprised mostly of engineers) figured that whoever made the best filter would win the race for clean water.  That was and still is the predominant orientation to the water gardening business.  The pool design/sterilization crowd tried a different route.  Their strategy was to add chemicals to pond water to sterilize or alter it.  This is where all the UV light sterilizers and pond chemicals come from.  These people promote a sterile and chemically-dependent pond.  These systems are definitely not natural. Either of these approaches will require far more mainenance time from the pond owner as well as costing far more in the long run.
The ecosystem pond brings a third orientation to the Water Gardening industry.  This one aims to work in harmony with Mother Nature (not against her) by creating a balanced ecosystem in the first place!  This low-maintenance organic, holistic, and naturalistic approach to keeping our customers' pond water clear separates us from other water garden installation companies in the state.  And the fact that the proper installation of this system can actually reduce mosquito populations makes it the perfect system for Texas.
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The ecosystem-based pond we install for our customers was developed almost twenty years ago by a team of pond builders and has been studied, honed, and perfected over the years to be the most easily maintained, natural looking, and readily customizable pond system you can own.
The greatest benefit of creating a balanced ecosystem in your pond is that the system actually does most of the routine maintenance for you!  The skimmer holding the pump continuously sweeps the surface clean, depositing most windblown debris in a catch bag for easy removal.  Additionally, as the water is pumped through the Biofalls filter, millions of microscopic beneficial bacteria go to work scrubbing the pond clean of the suspended algae that causes green water.  In the pond itself, the plants growing with their roots planted directly in the gravel substrate of the pond take nutrients directly from the water, helping to prevent string algae blooms.  And pond fish naturally graze the rocks and gravel for organic material that they can eat, keeping the bottom clean in the process.  By combining both mechanical and biological filtration, the pond's own ecosystem does the maintenance for you, reducing your work and increasing your enjoyment.
Texas Ponds and Water Features exclusively installs Aquascape's Ecosystem Pond System for our clients, designed and installed by our own team of well-trained, experienced pond professionals or working in conjunction with your own trusted landscaper.  We are Certified Aquascape Contractors, having installed more than 100 ponds using this system, and completing numerous hours of classroom and field training and having our work and our customer service evaluated by other water gardening professionals..