Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting
Organic Ecosystem Ponds
Organic Ecosystem Ponds
Pondless Waterfalls
Pondless Waterfalls
Urn and Fountain Features
Urn and Fountain Features
Water-Wise Landscapes
Water-Wise Landscapes
Meet the Team
Meet Your Water Feature Professionals
Texas Ponds and
Water Features

Every client is an individual with different tastes and desires for their property.  Also, each jobsite presents its own set of guidelines for us to work within.  Therefore, this may be only a partial list of the services that we can provide.  We work with many of the best landscape and home improvement companies in the Austin area so we can help you get from an idea to a finished paradise easily.

Ecosystem Ponds and Water Gardens
Koi Ponds
Custom-Made Bridges from California
Stacked Slate Urns and Fountainscapes
Bubbling Boulders
Natural Mongolian Basalt Column Features
Spillway Bowls
Disappearing Pondless Waterfalls
Biological Filtration
Constructed Wetland or 'Bog' Filtration
Pond and Water Feature Lighting
Pond Repairs and Upgrades
Solutions to Existing Pond Problems
Water Feature Rebuilds
RainXChange Decorative Rainwater Harvesting

Ecosystem Ponds with Waterfalls
-from $8000 for a complete 8'x10' system
Disappearing Streams
-from $6000 for a six foot stream
Overflowing Urn Features
-from $3000 apiece
Spillway Bowls
-from $3500 apiece
Mongolian Basalt Column Trio
-from $3500 installed
Spillway Bowls--2 Bowl Combo
-from $5000
Small Pondless Waterfalls
-from $6500
Large Pondless Waterfalls
-prices vary.  This one was $35,000