Texas Ponds by Matt Boring
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We arrived in Illinois with 4 1/2 days to turn this barren wasteland into a beautiful natural water garden.  There was much to be done.
This single boulder weighed 47,000 lbs and required its own 18-wheeler to be brought in all the way from Missouri.
This photo taken from a helicopter shows the project as it's well under way.  You can also notice the green roof at Aquascape Inc's headquarters.  It's one of the largest sloping green roofs in North America and is planted with the native plants and prarie grasses that were growing in this area before the building was constructed.
The 47,000 lb boulder has been installed to the left of the opening that will frame the grotto.  This will become the pond's main waterfall.
Heavy machinery and a lot of skilled, dedicated workers are required to move and install this much rock and gravel in such a short time.
The pond is filled with firehoses as work continues on this massive water feature.  It will take a couple of days just to fill.
The constructed wetlands (or bog) filter that will help keep the water clear, clean, and healthy is made to look like a Cypress swamp.
As the water continues to rise, landscaping goes in to create a more natural look.  The grotto and main waterfall are nearly finished.
Finally, the moment of truth has arrived as the main waterfall is turned on.  This water garden holds about 300,000 gallons of water.
It took this many pond artists to complete this massive water garden in only 4 1/2 days.  It is almost as large as a football field.  It contains two bog filters to keep it clean and underwater jets to make sure no stagnant areas develop.  The interior of the grotto is made to look like a natural cave complete with stone walls, tree roots hanging from the ceiling, and slow trickles of water dripping down the walls like a natural cave.  Three gigantic pumps move 150,000 gallons of water every hour.  It features a 20-foot tall diving rock and a 20-foot lighted underwater cave that you can swim through.  This is the kind of experience you get when you contract with a
Certified Aquascape Contractor.